Agency Services

CKM Recruitment Agency can provide temporary staff for any desired length of time. Our main aim is to provide our clients with compassionate, highly skilled, trained carers/ support workers who will meet your service users and organisation needs.

CKM Recruitment understands that every care company is different but one thing all our clients have in common is they want to be able to fully trust the agency and their staff. Thus, we provide you with a copy of profiles before staff attend your premises to work. The profile includes:

    • Staff member’s picture
    • Staff full name
    • DBS number
    • Vaccination Date
    • Training completed and expiration dates.
    • An outline explaining the staff members’ care experience

We believe profiles are equivalent and even better than CV’s. 

Please note that we are happy to add any extra information you require to enable your organisation to comply with any local councils or health bodies. CKM will always play our part to ensure your business continues to thrive!

Continuity of care is a shared value for our existing and future clients , therefore we aim to provide the same members of staff.

The profiles depict that agency complies with the legal regulation i.e staff having mandatory training and necessary checks.

    Why CKM Staff?

    We believe and uphold the phrase quality over quantity. Our staff are selected to represent CKM because they truly understand that service users want to feel safe, respected and protected by staff regardless of their existing conditions. CKM staff have the right mix of skills to support your permanent member of staff and service users. If any CKM staff are not a perfect fit for your organisation or you feel are not adhering to your organisations rules we will work with you to rectify the issue.

    Some of our clients include : 

    • Corner House 
    • Corner Lodge 
    • Marmora 
    • Penny Pots 
    • Chrsylin 
    • Millard House 
    • Ridgwell 
    • Winsford House 
    • Gairloch House 
    • Hunt Healthcare group 

    I am a healthcare professional

    If you are a nurse, carer or support worker looking for flexible work with great benefits, join our community.

    I am healthcare organisation

    We provide nurses and carers to cover the staffing needs of healthcare organisations – from care and residential homes, hospitals, and respite centres.

    CKM Care