Statement of Purpose

Our Philosophy

Put People First- means listening to service users’ views, responding to their needs, and supporting them to be able to express themselves.

Our Mission

Ensure that we remain at the forefront of private care standards.
We live and work by this mission statement.

Our Vision

To provide services promoting independence for all service users and, where appropriate assist them to attain more independent living

Our Core Values


We provide a dependable and safe service to our service users


We provide high-quality support and services for people in their own homes


Trust-us to always respond to the needs of service users in a timely manner


including service users’ in shaping their own care and support by offering them choices about their service and how we run CKM


The rights and choices of service users and treat each service user as an individual, regardless of their gender , culture, sexual orientation ,age, race, religion or ability

CKM Care